1950's to Today - $3.00

 Percent of change project involving a comparison of today's (2010) prices to that of 1950. Students will see which era had "more" money.


 Arcs, Circles & Chords - $3.00
A review game targeted to students in High School Geometry. Concepts covered: arcs, arc measure & length, tangents & secants, circumference and area


Geometry Map & Geometry Bug - $4.00

A great way to end your Geometry Unit with this 2-day project. It brings together geometry concepts like lines, polygons and polyhedral in a fun, life-applicable way.

Interactive Math Notebook - $30.00

A complete notebook modeled after Glencoe's Course 2 2010 edition Textbook. This notebook contains ALL your resources to teach 7th grade level math with a colorful, interactive book to engage students. Full, step-by-step "teachable" answer key is also included in this 181-page download.

Middle School Math Lab Book - $30.00

Want a FUN way to spice up your everyday lessons? The Math Lab book is filled with fun projects, mini-labs, and ideas to take the concepts you teach and make them applicable to every day life so that your students will see that you really WILL use the stuff they are learning!



Operations With Fractions
{Scavenger Hunt} - $5.00

Set of 20 unique cards to review addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of fractions. Answer sequence included.

Polygon Scavenger Hunt -  $5.00

Looking for a FUN way to review concepts covered about polygons for your High School Geo. class? This game covers the postulates, theorems, tests for quads, etc. that are associated with everything about polygons! Split your class into teams and watch the magic begin

Summer Math Sizzler {6th Grade} - $7.50A 30-day summer "sizzler" to help keep students math skills sharp as they ENTER 6th GRADE. This math journal has all the basic concepts learned in 5th grade to create a springboard into 6th.                                         

Surface Area & Volume Bingo - $5.00
This chevron themed Bingo game will entertain your students as you prepare to review for a test or just want to maintain practice. Set includes 24 slides (including question and answer) for unique game play. Can be played in teams or individually.