Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Long Time Coming.....

Well it's finally finished.... it took a lot more work that anticipated, so I really hope it blesses some of you...LOL.... 

I have finished gathering, putting together, checking, making answer keys, re-checking, uploading, and scanning the math lab book into a digital file that is easy to download!

In this little digital book, you will find 19 originally created math labs, 3 math lab booklets (print and fold them to make a cute little booklet for your students), and 4 projects. Answer keys for every assignment is also included.

I've scanned the book so that it is a PDF file which will be easy for download, copying, and viewing whether you are on a PC or a mac. It is a total of 64 MB, and 130 pages...Lots of manipulative resources available for you to use in your classroom. :)

Here are a few sample images for your viewing enticement:

  - ($30) - preferred method of payment :)  You will receive a digital download link from Adobe SendNow to either print or save directly to your computer once payment clears

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Digital Marketplace

Well, I've finally had more than just a day off this summer to really focus on getting my math labs in order to compile in a digital book. I thought about doing a hard copy, but I know many teachers (including myself) use technology SO much in and out of the classroom, that I've decided to do a digital download for the book.

I signed up to create my own digital marketplace store and have all math labs for individual sale, OR all together for the "Middle School Math Lab" book (which is discounted compared to purchasing all the labs individually). I am working on uploading everything right now....literally, right now.... and once it is complete, I will be offering a week-long "Back to School" sale for the Math Lab book.

I am SUPER excited about this and I hope it blesses you and your students and of course inspires them!!!

Here's the link to my store:  CLICK HERE

There will also be a direct link on the side bar by the "Follow Me" on Pinterest button!!! Thanks for stopping by, and spread the word!!!!!