Wednesday, August 21, 2013

2 Year Blog-aversary! {Mega Giveaway}

It's FINALLY here!!!!

I can't believe that two years ago I started writing this blog. I actually thought no one would read it because I didn't think the way I taught was anything special and that my posts would sit alone, and unread out in cyberspace.

Boy, was I wrong! amazing and faithful readers have made this blog happen and have inspired me to create more for the classroom. I love seeing things I've created on pinterest, not because I think "it's all that", but because there's teachers out there like me...

Who teach to inspire.

Who want their students to become more than they thought they could.

Who love what they do.

I'm in awe at the fact that this blog has been read on four different continents and dozens more countries. It's an honor to be a part of the educational technology realm and be with such amazing people out there.

But enough about me... As a token of my appreciation, and some help from a fellow awesome teacher... I'm doing a MEGA giveaway!!

1 person will win an item OF THEIR CHOICE from
Janet Rainey's TpT store!!!!
She has some awesome stuff from K - 6th grade (all subjects).... If you are a winner and teach grades above 6th grade, then fear not..... you will win a item of your choice from my store.....
Here's how to enter to win...
Entries will be taken from 8/22 (midnight EST) through 8/31 (11:59 EST) and winner will be randomly chosen. You can earn more entries my sharing, commenting, and inviting friends!!!

Monday, August 19, 2013

QR Code Scavenger Hunt {Algebra 2}

Need a fun way to review those concepts in Algebra 2?? I actually created this fun review for my Precalculus students for their first chapter, but it reviews Algebra 2 concepts like slope, equations of lines, scatter plots, and compositions of functions.
Here's a preview of one of the cards.... and so you know it works, each of these QR codes will scan from this blog onto your phone! How cool is that?!
If you'd like to sample this awesome little review, simply CLICK HERE to download your FREE set of 20 cards (complete with instructions AND answer sequence!)
Happy Back To School!!!!


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"Real World Math" {A Year of AWESOMENESS}

I used to get tired of hearing "When are we ever going to use this?" when I was teaching middle school.

I hear it even more teaching Geometry....

I am so fortunate to teach at a school where we can meet the needs of our students, and I've long felt like students are inadequately prepared for the REAL WORLD. We teach them all these algebraic formulas, how to graph cubic functions, and how to locate their GPS coordinates if they ever are lost out at sea without their cell phone (but happen to have their graphing calculator), but we don't teach in depth things like how to get credit, maintain your credit, credit cards and student loans.

Growing up as a part of the millennial generation myself, it's easy to get caught up in the digital age we live in and become dependent on the technology that is barking at my door..... but that creates a handicap when I step into the real world and have to take ownership of these things I don't really know how they work....and I can get taken advantage of - big time.

I am teaching a new class this year for our high school students in which we are looking at math in a practical way. I want my students to graduate having the confidence that they will not just survive out in the real world, but that they will thrive and be successful. I decided to really research and write my book, "Real World Math" from a high school student's perspective.

What are they going to have to face as they enter adulthood? What did I wish I had known when I turned 18? What challenges are they going to have?

If you'd like to download a sample of the interactive student edition, click here

Students will cover topics like budgeting, credit, compound interest, car, house, and student loans. Included are 8 units, test reviews and tests for each unit as well as a fall and spring semester exam.

This book has in it interactive notes for students, class work, homework, test reviews, tests, and even two semester exams!!

"Real World Math" is on sale right now through the month of August in celebration of Math-N-Spire's two year anniversary!

I do ask that if you use this for your classroom, please purchase additional licenses for your students rather than copying. Additional licenses are available for $10 each below. 1 license is intended for each class you teach. If you teach multiple class sessions, please purchase accordingly. Thanks!

  - Student Edition - $20
- Additional Licenses (Student) - $10
- Teacher's Edition - $35

Friday, August 2, 2013

FREEBIE FRIDAY {1st Day of School Goodies}

Later this month, Mathnspire turns two years old. This blog has definitely gone BEYOND my expectations and has become such a fun thing to do! I am so thankful to all the faithful followers and people who find it via pinterest, facebook, or the net. In celebration of my Blogaversary, I am have a FREEBIE FRIDAY every Friday during August and the LAST WEEK, I'll be hosting a VERY COOL, special giveaway, so STAY TUNED!!!

Today's giveaway is in honor of my followers. I'm blessed to have over 100 Bloglovin' followers and almost 200 on Google Connect. THANK YOU!!!!

If you are like me, you are amazed at how fast your own kids grow and go through school. I have three in school next year - a PreK, K and a 1st grader....

Weren't they just babies the other day?!

I like to take their picture in the same spot each year, but since I've got 5 kids, I want to be able to look back and KNOW exactly what grade they were entering. So, I whipped up some cute little cards for each one to hold.

I've created cards for PreK through 12th grade in "school colors" Click below for your FREE download!