Saturday, August 27, 2011

"Number Cruncher" {game}

Friday was our first "Math Lab". It's a time where the kids and I get to have a lot of fun with math and the concepts we've learned that week. Since it was the first week of school, we had reviewed exponents and squares/square roots. So, following their brief notes for the day, we played the Number Crucher game, from Glencoe. It's easy to spin off on your own topic and the kids LOVE it! It's a combination of Bingo and a dice game....

Time Allotment: 30 + mins. 
  1. Pass out 2 nets of a cube - one with the numbers 1 - 6, the other with various math operations on it (i.e. - square, cube, times three). One set per two students. Have students cut these out and fold them into a cube, taping them shut.

ex: six squared minus six = 36 - 6 = 30

     2.  Create a grid with many possible answers. I used the one that was from Glencoe for           Course 2, but plan on using this idea again and creating my own. Print on bright colored cardstock and have it laminated for continued use. Give ONE card per group of two students.

     3.  Cut up post-its to create "markers" or use other objects - one color for each person. I gave each person 16 pieces each.

     4.  Have students take turns rolling the dice and computing the answer. The answer is on the card and the student that rolled, places his/her marker on the board. Students alternate turns until three in a row is achieved (across, up-and-down, or diagonal).

     5.  Give a "small, but fabulous prize" each time a student wins. :)

     6.  Keep each dice set and post-it pieces in a snack size ziplock for easy storage.

My sixth graders LOVE this game (they take 7th grade level math), but I've adapted it for 5th - Pre-Algebra. Students have fun and you can walk around an help those that need it. Also works good pairing students up according to strengths/leadership abilities.

Until next time!

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