Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Math Camp {Summer with Pizzazz!}

 These were a few of my lovely "Middle School" kids that took place in my first annual Math Camp. I dedicated two months of the summer to building and shaping students to better prepare them for the coming school year. I spent June with Elementary ages and July with Middle and High Schoolers.

And might I add.... IT WAS A BLAST!!!

Far more fun than I anticipated! And if you ask any of the students, they had fun too!

Here's some of the things we did this summer: (of course each grade level varied on the content)

  • Math Horse (with math facts)
  • Tangram puzzles to build problem solving
  • Math fact beach ball
  • Fraction scavenger hunts
  • Dice games to build operational skills (highly recommend the game I foung called "Salamander Shootout" - this also worked with my middle school kids)
  • And of course, the ever popular Fact Race game
 Middle/High School:
  • Checkers problem solving puzzle (found at Dr. Mikes games for kids)
  • Fractions, decimals & percents scavenger hunt and race game
  • Math Maze
  • Honeycomb magic square
  • Marcy Cook's Double tiles and Order of Operation tiles
  • Math horse with fractions
  • Nerf gun graphing
  • Factoring (algebra review)
  • Formulas (algebra review)
  • Radicals and Polynomials (algebra review)

I cannot wait until next summer to elaborate more on what I did and to have more students take part in making their summer meaningful!!! Here's to school starting in a couple weeks! 

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