Wednesday, August 21, 2013

2 Year Blog-aversary! {Mega Giveaway}

It's FINALLY here!!!!

I can't believe that two years ago I started writing this blog. I actually thought no one would read it because I didn't think the way I taught was anything special and that my posts would sit alone, and unread out in cyberspace.

Boy, was I wrong! amazing and faithful readers have made this blog happen and have inspired me to create more for the classroom. I love seeing things I've created on pinterest, not because I think "it's all that", but because there's teachers out there like me...

Who teach to inspire.

Who want their students to become more than they thought they could.

Who love what they do.

I'm in awe at the fact that this blog has been read on four different continents and dozens more countries. It's an honor to be a part of the educational technology realm and be with such amazing people out there.

But enough about me... As a token of my appreciation, and some help from a fellow awesome teacher... I'm doing a MEGA giveaway!!

1 person will win an item OF THEIR CHOICE from
Janet Rainey's TpT store!!!!
She has some awesome stuff from K - 6th grade (all subjects).... If you are a winner and teach grades above 6th grade, then fear not..... you will win a item of your choice from my store.....
Here's how to enter to win...
Entries will be taken from 8/22 (midnight EST) through 8/31 (11:59 EST) and winner will be randomly chosen. You can earn more entries my sharing, commenting, and inviting friends!!!


  1. My favorite part of teaching math is problem solving. The pride they have when they persevere through a word problem.

  2. I am a youth development professional in an after school program, and I love seeing the kids use their newly acquired skills in areas besides academics. To me that means they're comfortable in their knowledge. I also enjoy watching their faces light up when a concept 'clicks' during homework time or the first time they finish a math worksheet with confidence.

  3. I love the logic of math, and that I have a strong understanding so I can explain to my students _why_ certain rules are used.