Thursday, April 11, 2013

Points, Lines, & Planes!

I've transitioned this year from teaching nine (holy cow, that's a lot!) years of middle school to solely teaching at the high school level. While I do like teaching some of my former middle school students now in 9th - 11th grades, I do miss the opportunities to easily make up math labs for my students. It's a bit more challenging for me at the high school level - there's often A LOT of thought that has to go into my labs and games now! :)

One of the things I've done this year at my school is pilot a "flipped" classroom. This means that for homework, my students complete their notes either by Powerpoint, video, or Educreations interactive whiteboard presentation from our class site.

It. Is. Awesome.

My students come to class more prepared, and we are able to dive deeper into a lot of the concepts IN class that we wouldn't have time to before. I'm uploading my Powerpoint creations one lesson at a time and will also have a link to download an entire chapter once I am finished with the chapter.

Here's a screenshot of Lesson 1 from Chapter 1 (note: All lessons come from Glencoe's 2010 Geometry edition textbook)

To download this PowerPoint presentation (8 total slides) - Click Below:
  - $3

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