Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Geometry {Chapter 1 Review Game}

School is rapidly approaching. Every time I think I've got everything planned, printed and done, I think of something else I want to add! Such is the life of a teacher, I suppose.

This will be the third year I've taught high school Geometry. I am really starting to own this class and pour my personality into it.

In addition to my "Snapshot" that I've created for the beginning of my class, I've also created a BINGO game for the end of Chapter 1. We use Glencoe Geometry (2010 ed.), but I know that correlates to many other textbook publishers.

 This review game is always so much fun. You can play in partners, or individually. There's 24 questions that cover a variety of topics: points, lines & planes; distance formula; midpoint formula; angles; basic surface area and basic volume.

I've created 15 unique cards that will keep your students entertained and provide for a fun way to review concepts. The set also includes 2 question cards that have a total of 24 various questions on it.

Since there are a few drawings, I usually draw those a head of time on my white board and then reference the specific drawing when needed to save on time.

I hope you have fun in your classroom!

"Tools of Geometry" Review BINGO game - $5  
"Snapshot" {Integrated Algebra & Geometry Warmups} - $8 


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