Saturday, July 20, 2013


As the new year approaches, I always feel like the last part of July is a time of reflection... A time for me to look back on the past year and see what little "tweaks" I can make for next year to be better.

For those of you who are new to my blog, this next year will be my 10th year teaching. Of those 10 years, I've spent 1 year teaching in CA, 9 in TX; 8 teaching 5th - 8th grade math, 2 1/2 teaching Geometry and Pre-Cal; and 7 wonderful years at my home, Legacy.  Ya know the school that becomes a part of your family? That's how I feel at my school. I think that's also why it's so easy to create fun projects and new resources for my students. I want to see them learn, and love learning as much as I do.

With inservice just a few short weeks away, my mind is flooded, I mean FLOODED with things I want to do this next school year.... but of course there's never enough time, and let's be realistic here - who wants to be working on schoolwork all day?! Not me! I've got five little munchkins at home that also need my attention. So, I've picked a couple things I am going to incorporate into my classroom next year.

One cool thing, I found via Pinterest (super addicting!) and will post a pic when I create my own.
instead of handing back papers all the time. Love this idea!

Isn't it cool?? I'm going to make one to cut down on time passing back papers :)

The other thing I am working on is my morning routine. I currently "flip" my classroom (I'll post more about this later), so I wanted to also make these custom "Snapshot" for each day that will spiral review the previous days lesson and incorporate Algebra concepts as well... Here's the first day.
I'm going to bundle these by chapter and at the end of the year I'm going to have one. BIG. bundle! Be on the lookout! :)

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