Monday, July 22, 2013

"Snapshot" {Integrated Geometry & Algebra 1}

Do you ever struggle to make sure your students are getting it? I know I do. I also struggle to integrate MORE Algebra 1 concepts into my teaching during the entire year so that all those concepts wont be lost during the year and students will have an even better foundation of Algebra 1 for Algebra 2.


 I’ve created this to correlate with Glencoe’s 2010 edition Geometry textbook, however most Geometry texts follow the same sequencing and content. In this bundle you will find daily “snapshots” to have your students work on to review the previous day’s content. Each day also is integrated with an “algebra snip-it” so that students won’t forget all that algebra they learned the year prior and will have an even more solid foundation for Algebra II.,
Here's a few pictures of what I've created:
Cover of first unit (out of 13 total)


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Other units available soon!
- Reasoning & Proof         - Parallel & Perpendicular Lines
- Congruent Triangles      - Relationships in Triangles
- Quads                                 - Proportions & Similarity
- Right Triangles & Trig   - Transformations & Symmetry
- Circles                                  - Areas of Polygons & Circles
- Surface Area & Volume - Probability & Measurement

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